2014 DWR Drought Solicitation

The Westside Coordinating Committe submitted five projects to the California Department of Water Resources for the 2014 expedited Drought Funding Solicitation on July 21, 2014.

The five projects:

Lake County Special Districts-Spring Valley Water System Distribution Line Loop
Lake County Special Districts-Paradise Valley-Clearlake Oaks County Water Consolidation
Lake County Specials Districts-Mt. Hannah, CSA #22 Water System
City of Woodland-Industrial Recycled Water Project
Yolo County Flood Control and Water Conservation District-Regional Drought Preparedness Through Increased Groundwater Recharge

Grant Application

Document Size
Attachment 1-Part 1 of 12-Authorization & Elibibility Requirements 775 KB
Attachment 1-Part 2 of 12-YCFCWCD Eligibility 58 KB
Attachment 1-Part 3 of 12-2014 Drought Grant Acknowledgement Form 122 KB
Attachment 1-Part 4 of 12-Adopted IRWM Plan & Proof of Formal Adoption 1.60 MB
Attachment 1-Part 5 of 12-Project Consistency with an Adopted IRWM Plan 60 KB
Attachment 1-Part 6 of 12-Urban Water Management Compliance 302 KB
Attachment 1-Part 7 of 12-Agricultural Water Management Compliance 155 KB
Attachment 1-Part 8 of 12-Surface Water Diverter Compliance 318 KB
Attachment 1-Part 9 of 12-Groundwater Management Compliance 961 KB
Attachment 1-Part 10 of 12-CASGEM Compliance 518 KB
Attachment 1-Part 11 of 12-GIS Layers 29 KB
Attachment 1-Part 12 of 12-Locally not Cost Effective Water Conservation Measures 45 KB
Attachment 2-Drought Impacts 2.39 MB
Attachment 3-Part 1 of 4-Project Justification 8.35 MB
Attachment 3-Part 2 of 4-City of Woodland Groundwater Management Plan 15.38 MB
Attachment 3-Part 3 of 4-City of Woodland Groundwater Managment Plan-Section 2 23.18 MB
Attachment 3-Part 4 of 4-Lake County Groundwater Management Plan 11.36 MB
Attachment 4-Work Summary 138 KB
Attachment 5-Proposal Budget Summary 120 KB
Attachment 6-Schedule 433 KB
Attachment 7-Program Preferences 126 KB
Attachment 8-Disadvantaged Community Assistance 3.37 MB