On June 25, 2013, the Final Westside Integrated Regional Water Management Plan was released. Please note that due to the file size, it make take up to several minutes to download depending on internet connection speeds.

DWR Letter-Preliminarily Approving Westside IRWMP

Final Westside IRWM Plan (27 MB)

Final Westside IRWM Plan Appendices
(17 MB)


File Size
Cover & TOC 4 MB
Executive Summary 932 KB
References 171 KB
Section 1-Introduction 1 MB
Section 2-Region Description 6 MB
Section 3-Existing & Future Conditions 5 MB
Section 4-Water & Land Use Planning 312 KB
Section 5-Challenges & Opportunities Summary 825 KB
Section 6-Goals & Objectives 655 KB
Section 7-Resource Management Strategies 457 KB
Section 8-Project Review & Prioritization 794 KB
Section 9-Impacts & Benefits 398 KB
Section 10-Coordination 658 KB
Section 11-Implementation Framework 617 KB
Section 12-Acronyms & Glossary 365 KB