Five-Year Update of the Westside IRWM Plan

The original Westside Sacramento IRWM Plan (2013) was based on the guidelines and requirements that came from the Department of Water Resources (DWR) in 2012. Since then, AB 1249 and SB 985 brought about new requirements, the 2013 update of the California Water Plan was released, and there was new guidance on how Native American Tribes will participate in IRWM. The Westside Plan needed to comply with all of these new requirements in order to qualify for Proposition 1 grant funds. AB 1249 addressed new water quality standards for nitrate, arsenic and perchlorate (hexavalent chromium). SB 985 required the incorporation of Stormwater Resources Plans.

The Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management Plan Update 2019 is now complete and was approved by the Regional Water Management Group on January 9th 2019. The plan must clear a detailed review by staff at DWR for the Region to be eligible for Prop 1 grant funds. The updated plan will be submitted to DWR for review in early March, 2019.

Volume I

2019 Westside IRWM Plan

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Executive Summary 1.6 MB
Section 1-Introduction 2.2 MB
Section 2-Region Description 13.7 MB
Section 3-Existing & Future Conditions 8.3 MB
Section 4-Water & Land Use Planning 331 KB
Section 5-Challenges & Opportunities Summary 1.3 MB
Section 6-Goals & Objectives 521 KB
Section 7-Resource Management Strategies 608 KB
Section 8-Project Review & Prioritization 1.6 MB
Section 9-Impacts & Benefits 445 KB
Section 10-Coordination 2.4 MB
Section 11-Implementation Framework 527 KB
Section 12-Acronyms & Glossary 321 KB
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Figure 1-1-Westide Region 719 KB
Figure 1-2-Neighboring Regions 933 KB
Figure 2-1-Topography 1.2 MB
Figure 2-2 Planning Areas 841 KB
Figure 2-3-Population Density 1.9 MB
Figure 2-4-Historical and Projected Population 82 KB
Figure 2-5-Communities and Tribes 1.9 MB
Figure 2-6 A-Disadvantaged Communites 1.3 MB
Figure 2-6 B-Economically Disadvantaged Areas 2.4 MB
Figure 2-7 Land Use 1.4 MB
Figure 2-8-Land Management Agencies 924 KB
Figure 2-9-Retail Water Purveyors 1.2 MB
Figure 2-10-Watersheds 1.3 MB
Figure 2-11-Groundwater Basins 673 KB
Figure 2-15-Habitats 2.7 MB
Figure 3-3-Water Infrastructure 1.2 MB
Figure 3-10-303(D) Impaired Water Bodies 1.6 MB
Figure 3-11-FEMA Floodplains 1.4 MB
Figure 3-12-Flood Infrastructure 1.4 MB
Figure 3-13-FEMA Floodplains Upper Cache Creek 958 KB
Figure 3-14-FEMA Floodplains Upper Putah Creek 958 KB
Figure 3-15-FEMA Floodplains Valley Floor 1.4 MB
Figure 3-17-Wildfire Risk 2.2 MB
Figure 8-1 A-Project 1-100 Locations 982 KB
Figure 8-2 B-Project 101-204 Locations 1 MB
Figure 10-1-Neighboring Funding Regions 1.5 MB
Figure ES-1-Planning Areas 868 KB

Volume II


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Appendix A-Core Documents

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Memorandum of Understanding 139 KB
Charter 828 KB

Appendix B-Outreach Material

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B-1-Participating Individuals and Organizations 244 KB
B-2-Water or Resource Management Organizations 249 KB
B-3-Topics for Engagement 243 KB
B-4-Stakeholder Meeting Summaries 5 MB
B-5-Notice of Intent 946 KB
B-6-E News 5.2 MB

Appendix C-Technical Analysis

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Appendix C Slipsheet 22 KB
Appendix C TOC 27 KB
C-1-Population and Demographics 121 KB
C-2-Water Quantity 314 KB
C-3-Water Quality 210 KB
C-4-Environmental Resources 3.4 MB
C-5-Climate Change Vulnerability Checklist 227 KB
C-6-Land Use Planning and Water Management 101 KB
Figure 4-6-CNDBB Species Occurences Upper Cache Creek 494 KB
Figure 4-7-CNDBB Animal Only Occurences Upper Cache Creek 553 KB
Figure 4-8-CNDDB Animal Only Occurences Upper Putah Creek 397 KB
Figure 4-9-CNDDB Species Occurences Upper Putah Creek 400 KB
Figure 4-10-CNDDB Animal Only Occurences Valley Floor 507 KB
Figure 4-11-CNDBB Species Occurences Valley Floor 450 KB

Appendix D-Projects

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Appendix D-Project Information Forn and Project Sort List 1.7 MB
D-1-Project Information Form 544 KB
Table D-1-Project Number Sort 147 KB
Table D-2-Project Type Sort 173 KB
Table D-3-Project Total Score Criteria Sort 165 KB
Table D-4-Project Lead Agency and Type Sort 147 KB
Table D-5-Project Location Sort 160 KB
Table D-6-Project Importance and Urgency Sort 174 KB
Table D-7-Project Primary Objective Sort 169 KB
Table D-8-Rersource Management Matrix 71 KB
D-3-Project List Updates 54 KB

Appendix E-Implementation Framework

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Appendix F-Storm Water Resource Plan for Yolo County

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Appendices 17.5 MB

2013 Westside IRWM Plan