As of 2024, the Westside Sacramento IRWM Coordinating Committee has been awarded over $16M in grant funding for projects in the Westside region.

Current Funding Opportunities



The Westside Sacramento Integrated Regional Water Management Coordinating Committee considered four projects at its May 10, 2023 regular meeting and unanimously approved funding for all projects. The projects, funding amounts, and a short description follow.

City of Winters, Fifty Valley Oaks for Winters Putah Creek Nature Park. $5,000 award with $1,000 cost share. This project will install 50 oak trees along the north bank trail at Winters Putah Creek Nature Park.

Lake County Watershed Protection District, Clear Lake Science Symposium. $5,000 award with $15,000 cost share. This project will convene a gathering for the dissemination of emergent and relevant research findings about Clear Lake Hitch and Clear Lake water quality, aquatic ecosystems, and biodiversity.

Putah Creek Council and Winters Middle School, Putah Creek Club Family Canoe Picnic at Lake Solano Park. $1,200 award with in-kind boat donation. This picnic will help student club members and their families foster a positive relationship with the creek and our natural world.

Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District, Flowmeter Device Installation for Small Farmers. $5,000 award with $1,000 cost share. This project will acquire and install up to four flowmeter devices for groundwater wells on socially disadvantaged (small family) farms.

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Guidelines and application available here.


Additional Funding Opportunities: Grant Funding Sources Spreadsheet


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