What is the Westside Sacramento IRWM Plan?

An Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Plan was the outcome of an effort to identify regional water resources challenges and opportunities and prioritize actions and projects to address the challenges and opportunities. The goal has been to leverage the resources of four agencies spanning the counties of Lake, Yolo, Napa and Solano (Westside Sacramento Regional Water Coordinating Committee), and pursue state and federal funding to implement projects identified through the planning process. Residents, Tribes, agencies, municipalities, and organizations from within the planning area have been strongly encouraged to participate in the process, and have done so by attending community meetings, reading and commenting on documents, and bringing forward projects, concerns, and suggestions.

Why do we need an IRMW Plan? 

To coordinate efforts between agencies that share responsibility for managing water resources, such as the Cache Creek and Putah Creek watersheds, and leverage resources to implement improvements. Communities that want to compete for state grant funding to implement projects must have completed an IRWM Plan. 

What topics are covered in the IRWM planning process? 

Generally speaking, the planning process includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Water supply reliability
  • Water conservation
  • Water quality improvement
  • Storm water management
  • Flood management
  • Invasive species abatement
  • Mercury contamination cleanup
  • Wetlands enhancements and protections
  • Environmental and habitat improvements and protections

In order to be eligible for state funding for future projects, the IRWM Plan must include an analysis of current and future anticipated conditions, challenges and opportunities, potential projects that benefit multiple areas (flood management and ecosystem restoration, for example), and recommendations for action, among other things.

What is the expected outcome of the IRWM process? 

At the end of the planning process, the completed IRWM Plan described the water resources challenges and opportunities of the Westside Region and described an approach to addressing those challenges and opportunities. The Plan has also supported efforts to solicit state and federal grant funding to implement priority projects. State funding sources included Proposition 84 grants, awarded to projects that improve water supply reliability and quality (particularly in disadvantaged communities); improve flood management practices; and eliminate or reduce pollution in sensitive habitat areas. 

Who are the partners? 

The Westside-Sacramento Regional Water Management Group is an organization formed by:

The group is organized under a Memorandum of Understanding signed in September 2010. That same month, the partners applied for a $1 million planning grant from the Department of Water Resources (Prop 84 funds) that was later awarded to support development of the Westside Sacramento IRWM Plan.

How were decisions made? 

The Westside Sac Regional Water Management Planning Group is directed by a Coordinating Committee comprised of representatives from each member agency. The group oversees the financing and implementing of the IRWM planning process. The plan, which was finalized by the Coordinating Committee, was developed with participation and input from interested residents and other stakeholders.

Information related to each of these topics was presented and discussed through an interactive process initiated during public meetings. Draft plan content was prepared based on the discussion of each topic and then provided for public review and comment. The draft content was revised as needed based on comments offered and then made available again for review and comment until the content was broadly acceptable. At the end of the planning process, the agreed upon content was combined into the IRWM Plan for final public review and member agency adoption.

Why is my involvement important? 

The IRWM Plan has set a direction for managing water resources in the region over the next 20 years. The Plan supports efforts to solicit and secure funding for water resources projects for the region. Public participation has been very important to ensure all challenges and opportunities were identified and considered in the planning process, and that the plan reflected the priorities of the communities. Continued public participation is vital to ensuring that the plan and implementation actions continue to reflect the needs and preferences of the community.

How can I be involved? 

You can participate in community meetings, or review and comment on draft planning documents via email or through the website. You can monitor our progress by checking the website for news and updates and register to receive funding opportunities updates and meeting information. Your comments and questions are always welcome, and we’re happy to receive them during meetings, by phone, email, and through the website.

How is the IRWM Plan process being funded? 

The Westside Sac IRWM Plan and its 2019 update were funded by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). The DWR has also funded multiple rounds of implementation projects and outreach to economically disadvantaged communities. Additionally, each Westside Sac IRWM Management Group member contributes annually for ongoing administrative services.

Who can I talk to for more information? 

If you’d like more information, please contact the Westside IRWM Coordinating Committee.

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